Friday, August 1, 2008

Invasion of the Soros Snatchers, Beware of LInks to George Soros owned internet media.

Sad to say, but it appears that people don't know who George Soros is.

If George Soros owns it, DON'T SUPPORT IT. George Soros has temporarily derailed Hillary Clinton's career, yet some blogs still post links to Media Matters, which is connected to George Soros.

If you need info on George Soros, just use google with quotes around the phrase "George Soros is Evil" and you will find some very enlightening articles.

A couple of months ago I found I was having difficulty getting my blogs listed on any site that had a corrente link on it. I had already written a couple of articles about George Soros and the Arianna Huffington Connection and I believe that might have been the reason why I could not get listed on Corrente and or any site that had a link to Corrente.

After finally getting "approved" to post on Corrente I was immediately banned after I posted a response to a topic explaining how George Soros used resources such as, Huffington Post, MSNBC, CNN, Time and Newsweek to attack Hillary Clinton. is an organization that was originally formed after the impeachment attack on Bill Clinton. Moveon was created to raise money to protect democrats from future persecution.

In 2004 Soros purchased and in 2008 actually turned around and rammed the organization and all of it's power against Hillary Clinton in this year's election! This incomprehensible reversal is the action of a billionaire sociopath named George Soros. Who would use the very organization that was founded to prevent another Bill Clinton lynching, against Hillary Clinton? George Soros, that's who.

Be careful about linking to Media Matters. Although Media Matters probably has fine, scholarly individuals writing for it, George Soros is beind Media Matters, and after he fouled Move, in my opinion Media Matters becomes tainted by association. Or to put it another way, unless Media Matters comes out and attacks for their role in this years democratic race, Media Matters has a George Soros bias.

You can try a George Soros experiment. Write a biting, yet truthful commentary about George Soros and see if the blog owner flinches. lol, being banned is a sign the blog owner flinched.

-Alessandro Machi

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