Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Michigan Maneuver, How Barack Obama gamed Michigan in 2008 and Hillary's only hope was a fair and balanced response from Dean, Pelosi, and Reid.

When Michigan moved its primary date forward for the 2008 democratic primary because it was a desperate state taking a desperate measure to be heard, it changed the course of who would win the democratic nomination.

I believe Barack Obama was going to do the opposite of whatever Hillary Clinton did in Michigan, and then blame Hillary Clinton no matter what she did.

If Hillary Clinton had been the first one to take her name off the ballot in Michigan, Barack Obama, John Edwards and Bill Richardson would have called her a "front runner" who was willing to throw Michigan to the curb to gain favor with the voters in Iowa and New Hampshire, that Hillary Clinton would do anything to win.

Think about that for a moment.
Barack Obama campaigned as the "change" candidate who wanted to go to Washington to clean house. Going after Hillary Clinton for taking her name off of the Michigan ballot would have been the ideal way for Barack Obama to get his message out of being the politician who is tired of all the games that established politicians are always playing.
However, Hillary Clinton DID NOT take her name off of the Michigan ballot.

Instead, Barack Obama, John Edwards and Bill Richardson took their names off of the Michigan ballot just before the deadline. Even though Michigan did not go ahead of either Iowa or New Hampshire, by Michigan moving their primary date to the middle of January it would obviously force candidates to split their campaign activities over THREE STATES, instead of two, and that did not make Iowa or New Hampshire voters very happy.

If Hillary Clinton, Richardson, and Edwards had joined forces and taken their name off of the Michigan ballot at the last possible moment, there would have been cries of racism from the Barack Obama side. But because the action consisted of three men against one woman no cries of sexism could be heard anywhere from the media.

So what was the result of Obama, Edwards and Richardson taking their names off of the Michigan ballot? By Hillary Clinton keeping her name on the ballot in Michigan; Obama, Edwards and Richardson could tell Iowa and New Hampshire voters that they were being threatened with losing their spotlight status as the first two states that help determine who the future democratic presidential candidates will be.

Obama, Edwards and Richardson could take verbal swipes at Hillary Clinton for keeping her name on the Michigan ballot and use it as a fundraising ploy as well.

I could see Barack Obama criticizing Hillary Clinton for keeping her name on the ballot in Michigan as he spoke to Iowa and New Hampshire voters. "...she now has threatened to change the very fiber of the tried and true process for how americans have elected their democratic nominee for the past 100 years".
The Michigan Maneuver was both incredibly brilliant, and EXACTLY what is wrong with politics. Barack Obama has played these political games his entire political career.
The problem I have with the cunning methods Barack Obama has used in the past to win; be it eliminating the competition earlier in his political career by challenging the validity of their signature petitions, to outing SEALED divorce court papers in another race, to removing his name from the Michigan ballot; is that none of these "maneuvers" actually prove Barack Obama has genuine political substance behind the cunning.
I understand Barack Obama's rationale for using clever tricks to win. If Barack Obama can "game" other politicians, then maybe those politicians are not going to represent their constituency as well as he would. Barack Obama has basically said that in the past as justification for his tactics. The problem with this slash and burn tactic is eventually you cross the path of those you have already burned, and usually at the worst possible moment.

Enter Evan Bayh, who waited until near the final moment before declaring he would not run again even though he was favored to win again. Bayh is not happy with the partisan politics that appear to have exploded since Barack Obama took office, and he's learned from the master how to game his decision for maximum impact.

I would like to see Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid lose this fall so the blight that has taken over the democratic party might start to lift, and I wish David Axlerod could grow a conscience.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Never Forget the Media Bias in the 2008 democratic election against Hillary Clinton.

This is just a brief recap of the tip of the huge iceberg of media bias against Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton. Huffington Post basically assaulted the Clinton's on an almost a daily basis, and MSNBC, CNN, Time and Newsweek all chipped in as well.

Reason? Try the amount of media buys the Barack Obama side made. By spending double and triple what Hillary Clinton was able to spend in advertising, it appears that Barack Obama won the hearts and pocket books of the media.

Keith (I can't believe I used to like that guy) Olbermann, looked right into the camera and delivered one of the all time bodacious lies every committed by a "newscaster". Olbermann states that he NEVER advocated that Hillary Clinton get out of the race!

Yet here is the proof that Keith Olbermann did indeed want Hillary Clinton out of the 2008 democratic presidential race. There are earlier examples as well of Olbermann having a meltdown because Hillary Clinton wanted to stay in the race until the final primary was completed.
Back in January and early February of 2008, Dan Abrams floated the idea that the super delegates should not determine the outcome of the democratic race. Lol, it takes 88% less voters in a caucus contest to determine the delegates for the states that use caucuses.

So while Abrams is suggesting that super delegates should not determine the outcome of the democratic presidential race, a tiny minority of caucus voters who wrote their name on notebook paper and "voted" (sometimes more than once) in the caucus contests are more qualified???
Less than a million total caucus voters, many in strongly republican areas of the country (such as the Great Plains States) completely overrode the will of 35 million primary voters who actually gave Hillary Clinton more delegates than Barack Obama, even when Florida and Michigan were not counted!

The above Huffington post headline is a pretty horrible example. even by Huffington Post "standards". Huffington Post first exaggerated how much Hillary Clinton was supposed to win in West Virginia, then when her totals were slightly lower than the exaggerated estimate, Huffington Post accused Hillary Clinton of losing her "racist" base. Did Barack Obama have a racist base?

Huffington Post helps ambush Hillary Clinton with the Jimmy Carter "inevitability" headline. This is the newest and most toxic form of news headlines actually manipulating events that have not yet happened. It so lowers the bar for what good journalism is that I wonder if these types of media outlets should even be called news.

What if the headline had been "Hillary Clinton sees a spike in pledged delegates as she continues winning over the final 10 weeks of the campaign". Do you see how easy it would have been to swing the nomination to Hillary Clinton?
According to the media the Colorado Caucus is "too close to call" just before the caucus vote was held, yet Barack Obama would win by a 2-1 margin. Yep, those caucus contests fairly reflect the popularity of each candidate (sarcasm alert).
MSNBC anchors and pundits condescendingly discuss whether or not Hillary Clinton should be V.P. "Does Hillary Clinton count as a southerner in that she of course spent all that time in Arkansas, Lynn, in Arkansas? She has that southern twang."
Hillary Clinton as VP? Another laugh fest at MSNBC over this proposal.
Chris Kofinis is probably one of the most obnoxious, snarky, blowhard, laugh harder, presumably paid off pundit I can ever recall. Formerly in the John Edwards camp, Kofinis was "shocked" to learn that John Edwards had had an affair.
Kofinis claims that he didn't know anything about the Edwards affair even though he worked as communications director for Edwards for a year and a half!
After Edwards quit the race, Kofinis appeared on MSNBC as some kind of "expert pundit" and he would bash Hillary Clinton every time he was put on the air. I can't stand this kind of behavior, losers who got a second chance from Barack Obama to attack Hillary Clinton at every turn.
Jonathan Alter joins Keith Olbermann in what might be one of the most bizarre segments ever for a "news" show. Olbermann and Alter ridiculed John McCain after McCain gave an eloquent tribute to Hillary Clinton and her campaign. Newsweek and Time are so in the tank for Obama it is embarrassing to watch these "pundits" such as Alter whore themselves just to get on Keith's Playhouse.
MSNBC anchors and pundits alike make fun of Bill Clinton and how he should be "used" to help get Barack Obama elected. Is that Hillary Rosen from Arianna Huffington who claimed to still be a Hillary Clinton fan laughing it up at Hillary Clinton's expense?

Jay Leno, looking uncomfortably a lot like the Joker, ridicules the notion that Hillary Clinton was forced to suspend her campaign because of NBC. A couple of male audience members laugh loudly in what looks like an effort to support Jay's joke and get the audience to laugh along as well. This is really creepy stuff.
Well Jay, it was actually MSNBC, CNN, Time, Newsweek, Huffington Post, The Atlantic Monthly and a slew of paid off politicians and pundits that demanded Hillary Clinton quit well before the democratic convention.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Barack Obama BELLY FLOPS on Florida and Michigan delegates.

Here is the link to the newspaper that might be breaking the story first. Palm Beach Post

UNACCEPTABLE! A real man would have accepted having Michigan and Florida counting early on, when it could have hurt his chances at becoming the democratic nominee. Doing it now, on August 3rd, 2008, just shows a level of arrogance against Hillary Clinton supporters that is just beyond comprehension, almost.

Sure Barack Obama supporters can now whine, "well, no matter what we do, we just can't make Hillary Clinton Supporters happy". WRONG. That ship sailed as time dragged on and on any scenario that could help Hillary win, even if it was the ETHICAL AND CORRECT thing to do, was dumped overboard with virtually no possibility of a lifeline by the Barack Obama strategy crew.

You don't get to have it both ways. You don't get to cheat in the caucus states, cheat in the delegate count race, use the media to brow beat super delegates into CHANGING their vote from Hillary to Barack, you don't get to IGNORE that Hillary Clinton won 40 more congressional district contests than Barack Obama, and then try and rewrap Florida and Michigan and present it as a gift to Hillary Clinton supporters.

Every step that the Barack Obama camp takes lately is turning into huge missteps. That's what happens when you truly don't have the consensus of the majority, but you continue to pretend that you do.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Invasion of the Soros Snatchers, Beware of LInks to George Soros owned internet media.

Sad to say, but it appears that people don't know who George Soros is.

If George Soros owns it, DON'T SUPPORT IT. George Soros has temporarily derailed Hillary Clinton's career, yet some blogs still post links to Media Matters, which is connected to George Soros.

If you need info on George Soros, just use google with quotes around the phrase "George Soros is Evil" and you will find some very enlightening articles.

A couple of months ago I found I was having difficulty getting my blogs listed on any site that had a corrente link on it. I had already written a couple of articles about George Soros and the Arianna Huffington Connection and I believe that might have been the reason why I could not get listed on Corrente and or any site that had a link to Corrente.

After finally getting "approved" to post on Corrente I was immediately banned after I posted a response to a topic explaining how George Soros used resources such as Moveon.org, Huffington Post, MSNBC, CNN, Time and Newsweek to attack Hillary Clinton.

MoveON.org is an organization that was originally formed after the impeachment attack on Bill Clinton. Moveon was created to raise money to protect democrats from future persecution.

In 2004 Soros purchased Moveon.org and in 2008 actually turned around and rammed the Moveon.org organization and all of it's power against Hillary Clinton in this year's election! This incomprehensible reversal is the action of a billionaire sociopath named George Soros. Who would use the very organization that was founded to prevent another Bill Clinton lynching, against Hillary Clinton? George Soros, that's who.

Be careful about linking to Media Matters. Although Media Matters probably has fine, scholarly individuals writing for it, George Soros is beind Media Matters, and after he fouled Move on.org, in my opinion Media Matters becomes tainted by association. Or to put it another way, unless Media Matters comes out and attacks Moveon.org for their role in this years democratic race, Media Matters has a George Soros bias.

You can try a George Soros experiment. Write a biting, yet truthful commentary about George Soros and see if the blog owner flinches. lol, being banned is a sign the blog owner flinched.

-Alessandro Machi

Friday, July 11, 2008

Hillary Clinton Protest Postcards are now Online!

You can order Hillary Clinton Protest Postcards at AlexLOGIC on Amazon dot com

I believe if thousands upon thousands of these postcards end up at various locations such as the DNC, it can make a difference. The postcards are professionally produced and come with tiered discount pricing.

Other places to mail the postcards to include delegates, superdelegates, politicians, radio, television, and newspaper pundits.

Please DO NOT order these postcards if you are John McCain or Barack Obama supporters or do not plan on resending out the postcards after you receive them.

Hillary Clinton Protest Postcards can be ordered at AlexLOGIC on Amazon dot com

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Why We Protest the Hillary Clinton Delegate Count.

Is this Fair Reflection? Does the Democratic Party believe in Fair Reflection? The question can't be answered, if it is never asked by the media.

Obama supporters don't care about Fair Reflection, but real democrats, do.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

PostCard Protest.

The Message at the top of this Blog is also a protest Postcard. In the near future you will be able to order these postcards and have them mailed to the DNC. For 99 cents, a postcard that you select will be mailed on your behalf to the DNC. Postage is included and if everything goes as planned, 10% of your purchase will go towards Hillary Clinton's "suspended" campaign.

I'm pleased with how the backgrounds came out. I created those from scratch.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tim Russert Passes.

Please leave a Tim Russert remembrance if you have one.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nevada Commercial on MSNBC Backroom Deal as Well???

I find it suspicious that two States that Hillary Clinton won but only gained two net delegates from are getting commercial time on MSNBC promoting their states.

First it was Michigan with the VERY FIRST commercial broadcast immediately after Hillary Clinton's suspension speech had finished. Now I see a Nevada Tourism commerical right smack dab in the middle of an MSNBC prime time show.

What makes this so suspicious to me is that Michigan and Nevada were two of the states that show UNFAIR REFLECTION towards Hillary Clinton in the delegate race. Hillary Clinton gained a NET total of TWO DELEGATES from Michigan and Nevada even though she won both states.

These two commercials on MSNBC could just be coinicidental, or it could be payback for supporting Barack Obama. lol, maybe MSNBC will report on itself in a fair and balanced manner. The timing of when the Michigan commercial ran might have been one of those inside jokes, that has now been turned inside out by yours truly.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Fair Reflection Protest Movement.

Please click on the link below to learn about the Fair Reflection Protest Movement.
Fair Reflection Protest Movement

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Florida Michigan BackRoom Deals???

When the first commercial that appears on MSNBC after Hillary Clinton's suspension speech on Saturday is a commercial for Michigan, one wonders what is going on. Barack Obama achieved an early Iowa advantage by taking his name off of the Michigan ballot. It was a calculated gamble that Edwards, Obama and Richardson executed together on the final afternoon that one could legally take their name off of the Michigan ballot, and it paid off handsomely early on for Barack Obama in Iowa.

It made Iowa residents happy to see three democrats "protest" Michigan moving their primary into January.

But then Barack Obama got an additional boost when the DNC, rather than acknowledge a political gamble that was now about to backfire on Barack Obama, instead protected Barack Obama and actually gave him Michigan delegates even though Obama voluntarily took his name off of the MIchigan ballot.

To add the final insult to the Michigan wound against Hillary Clinton, the very first commercial MSNBC ran after Hillary Clinton's suspension speech ended was a "move your company to Michigan commercial". This just looks like quid pro quo. Fall in line, back Barack, and we'll run your "come to Michigan" commercial on MSNBC. The arrogance of the people who have invaded the democratic party clearly has no bounds and apparently very little integrity as well.

Friday, June 6, 2008

"Fair Reflection" How the Democratic Process Ignored Fair Reflection.

The visual just below illustrates the OPPOSITE of the concept of "Fair Reflection". When voters have all day to vote, and vote in the privacy of a voting booth, the vote totals from that particular state more accurately reflect the will of the popular vote in that state. When Voters didn't have all day to vote, could only vote in restricted locations and within a restricted time period, and had to vote in public rather than the privacy of a voting booth, Barack Obama did so well the numbers didn't accurately match up with the actual popular vote of that state for each candidate. This can be called "Fair Reflection, Denied".
Above is the ridiculous margin of victory for Barack Obama in the Idaho Caucus that had nothing to do with reality, but much to do with back room deals, the very thing Barack Obama claims to want to "change". Barack Obama succeeded by playing the very style of Old School politicking that Barack Obama claims he would "change". Below is the Result of the Idaho Primary, notice how much closer the final results are?
The Primary vote reveals a much closer 56%-37% margin of victory, Barack Obama's ridiculously unrepresentative win from the caucus vote was a 70%-17% margin of victory. Hillary enjoyed a 440% increase in her vote total in the primary vote, Barack Obama had a 140% increase in his primary vote total. The Primary Vote swing is 43% in Hillary's favor.

Up Above is the Nebraska Primary and Caucus Results. After losing in the Nebraska Caucus by a 68% to 32% margin of victory, Hillary Clinton once again closed the gap losing by only two percentage points, 49% to 47% in the Nebraska Primary. The Nebraska primary vote represents a 38% shift in the popularity of both candidates towards Hillary Clinton.

The Washington Primary offers almost an identical shift in numbers as the Nebraska primary. Hillary Clinton once again closed the gap from an unrealistic 68%-31% margin of victory in the Washington Caucus to 51% to 46% in the Washington Primary. The shift in popularity is 32% towards Hillary Clinton. (I recall these numbers used to be 50%-47%, but we'll go with the 51%-46%).

Yes, I believe in Fair Reflection, unfortunately other than a few intellectuals on Hillary Clinton's side, such as Harold Ickies, the phrase Fair Reflection is meaningless to the democratic party higher ups.

New Blog from Alessandro Machi, WALL STREET CHANGE, is now Online.

Wall Street Change

While the George Soros / Arianna Huffington led Media Attack against Hillary Clinton appears to be succeeding, I think it important to not lose sight of issues that affect every american on a daily level.

Wall Street fascinates me.

I understand that Wall Street represents a link to the global business community, but is the Wall Street Status quo acceptable to americans who are seeing their local economy suffer as a result?

When Wall Street Stock rises because a fortune 500 company reduces american labor force, even when that labor force was not actually losing the company money, it becomes clear that Wall Street's agenda is different from that which is decent for the american citizen. I'd like Wall Street Change to be a place where we build simple ideas into simple solutions that maybe one day get incorporated by Wall Street.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Democrats to Cover up Caucus Cheating by Forcing Hillary Clinton out of the Race as Soon as Possible.

Fair Warning to all democratic officials, if you support Hillary Clinton's cessation of her campaign to help cover up the caucus cheating that went on, you could be indicted later on for aiding and abetting criminal activity.