Sunday, August 24, 2008

Never Forget the Media Bias in the 2008 democratic election against Hillary Clinton.

This is just a brief recap of the tip of the huge iceberg of media bias against Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton. Huffington Post basically assaulted the Clinton's on an almost a daily basis, and MSNBC, CNN, Time and Newsweek all chipped in as well.

Reason? Try the amount of media buys the Barack Obama side made. By spending double and triple what Hillary Clinton was able to spend in advertising, it appears that Barack Obama won the hearts and pocket books of the media.

Keith (I can't believe I used to like that guy) Olbermann, looked right into the camera and delivered one of the all time bodacious lies every committed by a "newscaster". Olbermann states that he NEVER advocated that Hillary Clinton get out of the race!

Yet here is the proof that Keith Olbermann did indeed want Hillary Clinton out of the 2008 democratic presidential race. There are earlier examples as well of Olbermann having a meltdown because Hillary Clinton wanted to stay in the race until the final primary was completed.
Back in January and early February of 2008, Dan Abrams floated the idea that the super delegates should not determine the outcome of the democratic race. Lol, it takes 88% less voters in a caucus contest to determine the delegates for the states that use caucuses.

So while Abrams is suggesting that super delegates should not determine the outcome of the democratic presidential race, a tiny minority of caucus voters who wrote their name on notebook paper and "voted" (sometimes more than once) in the caucus contests are more qualified???
Less than a million total caucus voters, many in strongly republican areas of the country (such as the Great Plains States) completely overrode the will of 35 million primary voters who actually gave Hillary Clinton more delegates than Barack Obama, even when Florida and Michigan were not counted!

The above Huffington post headline is a pretty horrible example. even by Huffington Post "standards". Huffington Post first exaggerated how much Hillary Clinton was supposed to win in West Virginia, then when her totals were slightly lower than the exaggerated estimate, Huffington Post accused Hillary Clinton of losing her "racist" base. Did Barack Obama have a racist base?

Huffington Post helps ambush Hillary Clinton with the Jimmy Carter "inevitability" headline. This is the newest and most toxic form of news headlines actually manipulating events that have not yet happened. It so lowers the bar for what good journalism is that I wonder if these types of media outlets should even be called news.

What if the headline had been "Hillary Clinton sees a spike in pledged delegates as she continues winning over the final 10 weeks of the campaign". Do you see how easy it would have been to swing the nomination to Hillary Clinton?
According to the media the Colorado Caucus is "too close to call" just before the caucus vote was held, yet Barack Obama would win by a 2-1 margin. Yep, those caucus contests fairly reflect the popularity of each candidate (sarcasm alert).
MSNBC anchors and pundits condescendingly discuss whether or not Hillary Clinton should be V.P. "Does Hillary Clinton count as a southerner in that she of course spent all that time in Arkansas, Lynn, in Arkansas? She has that southern twang."
Hillary Clinton as VP? Another laugh fest at MSNBC over this proposal.
Chris Kofinis is probably one of the most obnoxious, snarky, blowhard, laugh harder, presumably paid off pundit I can ever recall. Formerly in the John Edwards camp, Kofinis was "shocked" to learn that John Edwards had had an affair.
Kofinis claims that he didn't know anything about the Edwards affair even though he worked as communications director for Edwards for a year and a half!
After Edwards quit the race, Kofinis appeared on MSNBC as some kind of "expert pundit" and he would bash Hillary Clinton every time he was put on the air. I can't stand this kind of behavior, losers who got a second chance from Barack Obama to attack Hillary Clinton at every turn.
Jonathan Alter joins Keith Olbermann in what might be one of the most bizarre segments ever for a "news" show. Olbermann and Alter ridiculed John McCain after McCain gave an eloquent tribute to Hillary Clinton and her campaign. Newsweek and Time are so in the tank for Obama it is embarrassing to watch these "pundits" such as Alter whore themselves just to get on Keith's Playhouse.
MSNBC anchors and pundits alike make fun of Bill Clinton and how he should be "used" to help get Barack Obama elected. Is that Hillary Rosen from Arianna Huffington who claimed to still be a Hillary Clinton fan laughing it up at Hillary Clinton's expense?

Jay Leno, looking uncomfortably a lot like the Joker, ridicules the notion that Hillary Clinton was forced to suspend her campaign because of NBC. A couple of male audience members laugh loudly in what looks like an effort to support Jay's joke and get the audience to laugh along as well. This is really creepy stuff.
Well Jay, it was actually MSNBC, CNN, Time, Newsweek, Huffington Post, The Atlantic Monthly and a slew of paid off politicians and pundits that demanded Hillary Clinton quit well before the democratic convention.


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