Monday, June 2, 2008

Barack Obama's Error In Judgement Swept Under the Rug During Florida Michigan Discussions.

Never before has a democratic candidate received assistance in the acquisition of delegates in the manner in which Barack Obama received them this past weekend. Barack Obama was given Michigan delegates even though his name was not even on the Michigan ballot!

Several years ago Barack Obama challenged the petition names of those running against him for senate. Barack was able to get the top three competitors removed from the ballot by disqualifying their supporters signatures. I don't really think that is that controversial actually. It seems like Obama was able to ridicule old school style of politicking by being a bit slick. It was Barack's way of saying "I'm educated and above you now, I know your tricks, and I'll one up you".

In Michigan, Barack Obama took his name off of the Michigan ballot. Almost the entire media seems to accept this as being some kind of normal procedure. But in retrospect, it really makes very little sense. Isn't something better than nothing?

It turns out that Barack had just made another "slick" move. When Barack took his name off of the Michigan ballot, he did so as a way to endear himself to Iowa voters. It was Barack's way of telling Iowa that nobody better ever try and move their primary date up, Iowa is King! Knowing that by taking his name off of the Michigan ballot, Barack Obama would not only win the Iowa vote, but once again he could trick his own party members into the notion that, "How could the votes in Michigan count, I wasn't even on the ballot".

Dig a little further and we see that Richardson and Edwards took their names off of the Michigan ballots as well, how about that! Edwards and Richardson were in cahoots with Barack and articles have been written about how these three shared caucus voters. Edwards, Richardson, and Obama agreed to help prop each other in the caucus states votes by sharing their excess caucus voters! The top four finishers are eligible for government funding, so it ended up being a sleazy deal that helped them all out.

Is this the kind of change Barack Obama is bringing to the democratic party? Back room deals and shenanigans in which the media always presents the sleazy backroom deals in the best light possible? Barack Obama takes his name off of the ballot in Michigan to gain favor with Iowa voters, then turns around and looks like a victim because his name was off of the ballot in Michigan. As if that wasn't enough, the DNC turn actually took 4 delegates away from Hillary Clinton in the process! But not to be outdone, the DNC also gave Barack a whole slew of MIchigan delegates THAT WERE NOT HIS!

Wow, I'm almost impressed. NOT!


Cory M. said...

He won by playing by the rules!!!! The same rules they both agreed on!!!


Phoenix, AZ

A.M. said...

Hi Cory. Barack did too well in the caucus states, too too well, and that is the problem. Cheating in the caucus states while claiming to be the person to rub out old school style of politics are conflicting messages.