Thursday, May 29, 2008

Associated Press Makes Controversial Statement About Florida & MIchigan Against Hillary Clinton.

The AP quote "Obama is willing to give her the lion's share of those delegates but is stopping short of her demand to fully recognize the two renegade states." is just the latest in a long series of misrepresentations of the truth by the media. How do they live with themselves?

Obama is willing to give Hillary Clinton the lion's share of those delegate votes? It must be tough be a lion these days. Or, did the AP mean, Obama was willing to give Hillary Clinton the lying share of the delegate votes that Barack Obama stole in the Caucus States?

This is the kind of one sided news coverage that has afflicted the democratic race in general.

So when does Barack Obama look into the camera, wag his finger at us, and say "I did not cheat with those caucus state votes".

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