Thursday, May 29, 2008

CNN Barack Obama Documentary Special Thursday, May 29th, Tonight, on Anderson Cooper 360!

Update to this topic... For a really terrific article on Barack Obama's past campaign shenanigans, check out Barack Obama's election history hoisted by his own petard.

You can also check out the documentary video We Will Not Be Silenced. Preview portions of the video at We Will Not Be Silenced Preview Video

When Anderson Cooper didn't bother to mention the Barack Obama segment at the beginning of his own show, I figured the Barack Obama expose wasn't that big of a deal.

While Anderson Cooper didn't appear very impressed with his own television staffs work on the piece, it does set up the possibility for an update. Should the caucus state cheating ever be investigated, it would make for an interesting follow up showing Barack Obama crossing a line that he dared tip toe up to when his senate career was just starting.
Above are stills from a promo on CNN for the Barack Obama Anderson Cooper 360 documentary about Barack's early political career which premieres tonight, Thursday, May 29, 2008 on CNN Anderson Cooper 360. CNN made the claim that the Barack Obama camp does not want this special to air.

We'll see.

Apparently the documentary will cover Barack's ability to take out his opponents such as Alice Palmer by using legal tactics, before they ever make it to the ballot. It looks to me like some things stay the same, now Barack has progressed to taking out opponents in caucus state voting, bending the law to the point of breaking, and perhaps beyond.

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