Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Operation Stall, Barack Obama's Diabolical Plot for Michigan and Florida.

Barack Obama is stalling in Florida and Michigan and will only allow those votes to count IF AND ONLY IF those votes put Barack Obama over the new delegate majority threshold that has yet to be established.

Unbelieveable. This is just like when the Iran hostages of 1979 were released on the day Ronald Reagan was sworn in.

What Barack Obama is doing is Operation Stall - the slimiest of all tactics because if Operation Stall is successful it will be used as a huge photo and video opportunity with a beaming Barack Obama in the foreground, and thousands of Floridians in the background chanting his name as Barack Obama.

By not having counted the votes in either Michigan and Florida up until now Barack Obama has maintained an artificially bigger delegate lead than he really has, and Barack Obama has used this extra delegate lead over the past several months to convince other delegates to join him.

This is called the Cascading Delegate Effect. Once Florida and Michigan delegate victories were denied to Hillary Clinton, and then Barack Obama cheated in the Caucus States, Barack was able to convince other delegates, with a toxic amount of help from the media, to side with him to help to help maintain the public impression that Barack Obama was well ahead of Hillary Clinton, when he was not, he was actually losing.

There is no real foundation for Barack Obama's lead other than first denying the votes of Michigan and Florida, and then cheating in the caucus states to build a false lead, a lead that does not actually stand up to any real measure of reality when one factors in what it has taken to give Barack Obama his faux lead.

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