Friday, May 30, 2008

"More Sir", Why Michigan Moved their Primary Date Forward Only to be Beaten Down by the Democratic Party.

Once again the entire US media fails to address issues that actually matter. Lost in all the drama about Florida and Michigan is why did Michigan move their Primary date forward?

Have you ever witnessed or been in a desperate situation and all the rules of civilized society that you have agreed to abide by, while still relevant, suddenly don't seem to apply to your particular situation?

A kitten is frolicking in a normally busy intersection, but no cars are coming by at that moment. Do you skip out against the light, grab the oblivious kitten, or do you wait until the light has changed and then try to save the kitten? Of course the obvious answer is that if no cars are anywhere near the vicinity and it is safe to go and get the kitten, you get the kitten.

The case can be made that with record job losses in the automotive industry Michigan is witnessing the erosion of their own state's workforce. Michigan's act of moving their election date toward the front of the primary schedule was an act of desperation.

The higher ups in the democratic party simply point to their red light rules and regulations and in the process completely ignore the reality of the plight of Michigan. I view Michigan as Lousiana just before the levees broke. In an effort to try and convey the importance of losing auto industry jobs and the cascading devastation that follows, Michigan took a step forward and basically said, "More Sir" ala Oliver in Oliver Twist when Oliver asks for a second helping of soup.

So how did the democratic party react to the act of desperation by Michigan? They responded in a manner similar to the head master in the Oliver Twist Story and immediately punished Oliver, er Michigan, for asking for more. Fiction repeats itself in real life, courtesy of the democratic national party as they slap Michigan on the wrist, face and arms really, really hard, and say "no soup for you."

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A.M. said...

At the Florida Michigan delegate discussion Carl Levin basically said what I said about Michigan desperately needing to be heard because of their own economic plight.