Sunday, June 8, 2008

Florida Michigan BackRoom Deals???

When the first commercial that appears on MSNBC after Hillary Clinton's suspension speech on Saturday is a commercial for Michigan, one wonders what is going on. Barack Obama achieved an early Iowa advantage by taking his name off of the Michigan ballot. It was a calculated gamble that Edwards, Obama and Richardson executed together on the final afternoon that one could legally take their name off of the Michigan ballot, and it paid off handsomely early on for Barack Obama in Iowa.

It made Iowa residents happy to see three democrats "protest" Michigan moving their primary into January.

But then Barack Obama got an additional boost when the DNC, rather than acknowledge a political gamble that was now about to backfire on Barack Obama, instead protected Barack Obama and actually gave him Michigan delegates even though Obama voluntarily took his name off of the MIchigan ballot.

To add the final insult to the Michigan wound against Hillary Clinton, the very first commercial MSNBC ran after Hillary Clinton's suspension speech ended was a "move your company to Michigan commercial". This just looks like quid pro quo. Fall in line, back Barack, and we'll run your "come to Michigan" commercial on MSNBC. The arrogance of the people who have invaded the democratic party clearly has no bounds and apparently very little integrity as well.


Dragonfly2810 said...

I am a Florida voter and mad as hell. Have you visited the site? It is full of die hard Hillary supporters. The PUMA Democrats are an official 527 organization. If you are interested, check out the site and the organization's goals, and read the threads. One great thing is a 1000 reasons thread which the moderator will gather to send to Howard Dean regarding why Hillary supporters are opposing Obama and will not support the Democratic party. Please consider! Go Hillary!

Dragonfly2810 said...

Sorry if the link won't go through.